“The Missing 32 Percent (Women) & Missing Small Architects” (Session #TH509) at the AIA NYC 2018 Conference on Architecture Excerpt from AIA Architect Newsletter regarding the seminar – here.      

Rada Doytcheva, Elizabeth Melas and Vlad Torskiy gave an informative and engaging session, “The Hospital Maze – Wayfinding through Design“, bringing out much interest and further dialog from the audience. Please see a copy of the presentation Here

NeoCon 2018 M109  The Hospital Maze- Wayfinding through Design Monday, June 11, 2018, 11 am – 12 noon Seminar Description: Clear circulation in hospitals is paramount to daily functions, as patients and visitors struggle to navigate the maze of corridors. Confusing layouts add to patients’ anxiety at a time when many are weak and worried. Endless corridors that seem to [Hello…]

AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 in NYC is right around the corner! Our principal, Rada is the moderator and the initiator of one of the panel discussions presented at the conference: “The Missing 32 Percent (Women) & Missing Small Architects” (Session #TH509. 6/21/2018, 10:30 am – 11:30 am) Women architects and firm owners still have meager access to steady and meaningful [Hello…]

Between States is a CAF Exhibition for Transforming Chicago’s Neighborhoods –an ambitious showcase of 50 community-based design solutions to transform under-appreciated and under-performing spaces in Chicago into rejuvenated civic anchors. Featured in the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Questions for the Architects of Between States (Fall 2017), Rada gives a sneak peek of her concept to transform and rejuvenate Illinois Medical District [Hello…]

Rada’s NeoCon 2017 Seminar Presentation on Humanizing Diagnostic Spaces – Draws Interest Advances in medicine have led to an increasing demand in hospitals for fully integrated labs that provide a complete array of diagnostic platforms within a single operating suite.  In these sterile, potentially intimidating spaces, often bristling with ominous technology, it is vital to create a calming environment for [Hello…]

Held from June 12-14 at The Mart in Chicago, NeoCon has evolved into one of the most recognized and attended events in the industry and this year will be no exception. The show has remained focused on being at the forefront of changing commercial design and business trends  in the area of Workplace, Health care, Hospitality, Retail, Education, Public Spaces, Government. Rada Doytcheva will lead [Hello…]

Click on the letter below to learn more about the Symposium and Rada’s participation.

The Student Ideas Competition sought ideas for adaptive reuse/revitalization of the Old Bazaar (Bandabulya) located in the center of Girne, Cyprus. New functions, image and branding could leverage the use of this magnificent historic structure for a vibrant city life – much needed in this aging neighborhood close to the port. The winning student team, led by Dr. Rada Doytcheva, [Hello…]

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