Principal/Head of Sustainability

Aram Garbooshian is a Principal at RADA Architects, with 15 years experience on complex institutional and commercial projects. Since joining RADA in 2006, Aram has become a conduit for ensuring transformative concepts survive the implementation phase. Aram has combined his attention to detail and depth of technical expertise with close client-architect collaboration, leading the development of design documents and bringing ideas to reality in the construction administration phases.

He has played a major role in significant multi-year endeavors for the landmark property at 400 East Randolph (Outer Drive East), in numerous complex Chicago Public Schools projects, in the revitalization efforts for student residence halls and academic facilities at Illinois State University, Wheaton College, and University of Chicago. Clients seek out Aram’s participation. His passion for the right solutions and unwavering commitment to the client are always in demand.

Aram is at the forefront of maintaining the firm’s knowledge and practice of sustainable architecture. He has headed the firm’s green permit reviews sector, spearheaded educational events and presentations related to sustainability, energy efficiency, contemporary use of lighting in revitalization projects, and evolution of learning spaces. He has presented at various conferences and seminars, most recently at NeoCon 2011, 2014 and 2016.

Aram is an avid golfer; in annual retreats with friends, he leaves his architectural hat behind and spends days golfing and with camaraderie away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Aram returns to the Detroit area, not only to visit rich in architectural heritage sites, but also to see family and his architect father, who cultivated his interest in the profession.

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