In regards to bridging the gap of the 32% women architects only – the women led architecture firms are best positioned to grow, encourage and raise a generation with more women architects!

Yet there is still meager access to steady and meaningful project opportunities. Roadblocks toward prosperity and equal access are not easy to change. Women and smaller firms are not trusted for bigger and better projects. How can this be changed? Public Sector could make a difference.

Rada shared statistics, context of local, national and international status quo – to bring to focus women architects’ inequalities. Examples from public procurement success and limitations point to the vast opportunities, but also to the need of streamlining processes, ensuring fair contractual treatment and creating a strong platform for inclusion.

This event was a follow-up to a successful presentation and panel discussion led by Rada at the AIA 2018 National Convention in New York City, under the name of “The missing 32 Percent (Women) & Missing Small Architects.” Its focus was on empowerment of women led and other small architecture firms and the role of the public sector.

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