Rada’s NeoCon 2017 Seminar Presentation on Humanizing Diagnostic Spaces – Draws Interest

Advances in medicine have led to an increasing demand in hospitals for fully integrated labs that provide a complete array of diagnostic platforms within a single operating suite.  In these sterile, potentially intimidating spaces, often bristling with ominous technology, it is vital to create a calming environment for patients, many of whom are under only local or twilight sedation.  As importantly, staff who spends their workday in a windowless environment could take advantage of strong design ideas for a more stimulating workplace environment.

Dr. Rada Doytcheva, FAIA, whose experience as an architect has spanned across health care, workplace environment, educational facilities and other – shared her ideas and recent designs, building upon the experience in all these areas.  At NeoCon 2017 she led a seminar on the topic of Humanizing the Diagnostic & Procedure Spaces in Hospitals, joined by two other women architects – Mimi Troy, ALA and Marsha Spencer, AIA, each an expert in the field of health care design.

The audience learned how architects and designers, in collaboration with medical personnel, can use planning, finishes, color and glazing to create “patient well-being zones.”  They also detailed the ways in which multi-zoned, dimmable and color-changing lighting effects that simulate daylight can reduce stress and set a serene mood.  This session employed interactive learning through polling, adding a significant element of audience participation.

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