RADA REJUVENATES 400 E RANDOLPH The dome that glows over the southeastern corner of Lake Shore East Park doesn’t just protect the swimming pool on the seventh floor of 400 E. Randolph Condominium. It is a testament to architect and New Eastside resident Rada Doytcheva’s commitment to design with the community in mind. (Read more.)  

The Student Ideas Competition sought ideas for adaptive reuse/revitalization of the Old Bazaar (Bandabulya) located in the center of Girne, Cyprus. New functions, image and branding could leverage the use of this magnificent historic structure for a vibrant city life – much needed in this aging neighborhood close to the port. The winning student team, led by Dr. Rada Doytcheva, [Hello…]

Advances in field of cardiac electrophysiology have led to an increasing demand for fully integrated labs inside hospitals to provide a complete array of diagnostic technological platforms within a single operating suite that serves in- and out-patient needs. RADA Architects led the transformation of an outdated, decommissioned procedure room and adjacent rooms at Bernard Mitchell Hospital on the University of [Hello…]

Fantastic Presenters for Hot Topics at Neocon 2016 Rada Doytcheva and Aram Garbooshian from RADA Architects with Lighting Designer, Shanna Olson from KJWW (W312) This was a case for the role of kinetic lighting in creating identity or rebranding of existing buildings in an urban environment. Integrating architectural features with enhanced lighting technologies helped the big “comeback” of 400EAST (Outer Drive [Hello…]

RADA Architects hosts Chicago Women in Architecture (CWA) Monthly Meeting & Tour  

RADA Architects published in Chicago Architect magazine!  Click here to read more.

Once again RADA Architects has broken the “mold” for designing institutional spaces. The new Electrophysiology (EP) Lab suite at UIC Hospital reflects the dramatic transformation in this type of lab design, made requisite by the increasingly complex nature of cardiac diagnostics and intervention. Led by Douglas Boldt, AIA, of RADA Architects, the lab was reimagined to accommodate a new bi-plane imaging [Hello…]

When constructed in 1963 on the Chicago lakefront, Outer Drive East Tower (aka 400EAST) was one of the largest apartment buildings in the world. The building is known for its prominent location on the S curve on Lake Shore Drive and the Buckminster Fuller-inspired geodesic glass dome covering the swimming pool, a setting for scenes in several movies. RADA Architects’ [Hello…]

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