The advances in field of medicine have led to sterile, potentially intimidating spaces, often bristling with ominous technology, it is vital to create a calming environment for patients, many who are under only local or twilight sedation.  This goal can be achieved through the judicious use of finishes, colors, glazing, multi-zone dimmable lighting, simulating daylight, and careful cable management that hides the maze of cords that might easily overpower such a space. RADA’s work for the Center for Arrhythmia Care set such an example, other institutions are trying to borrow or replicate these ideas.

The Medical Director, Dr. Roderick Tung, envisioned a space that looked the part of the “Lab of the Future” from a science fiction movie set, housing not only the latest electrophysiological technology of today, but providing an inspiring atmosphere to conduct clinical research that defines and refines the tools of tomorrow.

It was a unique challenge presented to RADA, bringing a special touch through the finishes and translucent materials, also thinking about the patients’ comfort – simulating daylight, eliciting hope, illuminating and inspiring dreams of the future. The visual draw comes through glowing 3-Form lightboxes, horizontal reveal LED light fixtures creating dynamic wall accents, floor to ceiling leaded glass observation windows allowing transparency and visual connection throughout the suite with high-end finishes that capture the novel spirit of the doctor’s cinematic vision.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • “UChicago Medicine opens heart rhythm treatment ‘Lab of the Future’,” Science Life (The University of Chicago Medicine & Biological Sciences online publication), September 12, 2016

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