Clybourn Point Mixed-Use Development
Illinois Medical District Bridge Building Concept
Systems Research, Inc. Headquarters
IDOT District One Labs and Offices
CSU College of Education Childcare Center
Wright College Science Learning Labs
Wright College Science Learning Labs
University of Chicago The Chicago Language Center
UIC Hospital Electrophysiology Lab
400EAST Mixed-Use Revitalization
400EAST Mixed-Use Revitalization
400EAST Mixed-Use Revitalization

RADA Architects work is one of wide impact. Positive change for communities and their empowerment are in the center of RADA’s work.

Life in architecture is like an endless race.

Competing for projects, ideas, and attention, while making ideas come true, leading and following, forcefully and gently, creatively and practically – it is a life on the edge for even the bravest. Why do we succeed, why do we stay in the race. Because we are leaders.  Because the mission to change people’s lives for the better is injected in our blood. It was in my blood the moment I realized what my father architect did, and I followed.

– Rada Doytcheva, PHD, AIA, MBA, LEED AP

University of Illinois at Chicago

RADA’s work at UIC Chicago has affected every part of campus from student residences master-planning to academic learning centers and laboratories.


University of Chicago

RADA’s work at University of Chicago includes more than a dozen projects including academic and research and diagnostic spaces.


Chicago Airports Noise Abatement Program

For Chicago Airports Residential Sound Insulation Program, one of the nation’s largest, RADA’s practice consistently performed and standardized implementation, impacting the lives of tens of thousands of households around the airports since 2001.


Chicago Public Schools & Department of Buildings

Impact was made on multiple sites for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Capital Improvement Program, repeatedly implementing work to the same high standards for more than 70 inner-city schools. RADA’s participation in the City of Chicago Department of Buildings Permit Review Program has speeded up the start and completion of more than 300 projects across the city.


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