The space is designed to articulate the client’s identity – a firm serving a racially diverse urban population, headed by a former mayoral candidate. The geometry of the space and lobby are inspired by the iconic curved façade of 333 W. Wacker Drive along the Chicago River, and the client’s art collection featuring urban Chicago scenes are central to the design. The entry is a focal point and social space for gatherings required by the nature of the client’s business.

The build-out includes private attorneys offices, with gathering spaces and connections in between conducive to openness and collaboration. The design re-uses material from the previous tenant – door slabs for benches, counters, and new cabinet doors. Designed for maximum natural light, the conference rooms represent an extension of the lobby space and provide a variety of seating arrangements. The color scheme and random geometric patterns in the flooring and walls break the monotony of a typical corporate environment, creating a more inviting workspace.

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