Lab with a View

Situated on a small, secluded campus overlooking the scenic Rock River Valley, the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford’s labs are known for stem cell research, including drug screening systems, and work with embryonic stem cells to create motor neurons for transplantation into patients with spinal muscular atrophy and hereditary nerve damage.

The Cell Regen Biomechanical Research Lab takes a central place in the suite. The suite contains support spaces that serve the open lab including tissue culture, microscope, imaging, equipment, and break rooms. Lab casework with open reagent shelving is selected to allow more transparency and visual connection between researchers. The laboratory aisles are carefully aligned with the existing windows to maximize natural light and take full advantage of the splendid views.

The concrete structural tee ceiling is exposed to increase the sense of volume and express the stainless steel spiral ducts and building systems that serve the laboratory. Pendant lights are carefully located to maximize light levels on lab work surfaces. The HVAC system is upgraded to provide more air changes through HEPA filtered supply and exhaust ducts and to add a rooftop condenser for additional cooling.

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